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Recycle Technologies has been delivering recycling services to the community since 1993. As a recycling and shredding company based in the Midwest, we operate licensed facilities in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Notably, Recycle Technologies stands as the sole Minority-Owned document destruction and recycling enterprise in the Midwest region.

How Did We Get Paper Shredding So Wrong? Can We Make It Better?

October 6, 2023
Life may not owe us a shred, but that is certainly not true with paper shredding services. We owe much to...

Life may not owe us a shred, but that is certainly not true with paper shredding services. We owe much to this planet if we ever hope to survive as a species. But the future of shedding services is not all about survival; it is about a thrilling transformation of our surroundings. It is about jotting heads, figuring out ways, and maintaining the new status quo.  

In a constantly evolving world, how must we take care of something as simple as a piece of paper? It may be because we still need to make more efforts to make shredding a lucrative business. Or we are waiting for the future to bring something dynamic and new.  

Current paper shredding methods have some problems and hindrances, making them unpopular. Adding over-reliance on paper for communication and documentation is not helping anyone either. In such cases, we must figure out a way out faster than anticipated. 

What Is Wrong With Paper Shredding Services Now?  

Annually, the US uses paper worth $8 billion (about $25 per person in the US) (about $25 per person in the US). Moreover, a typical office shredder takes more than 200-watt electricity power. Some experts claim that paper decomposes slowly. Others argue that it is a costly endeavor.  

So, what went wrong? What did we do to the one thing that benefited the planet (I.e., recycling, shredding, etc.)?  

Starting from the biggest complaint against using paper shredding, we have additional costs, especially for small businesses and individuals with limited shredding needs. Transportation and shredding equipment prices make it difficult to offer affordable pricing.  

Imagine choosing a non-certified fraud company while being a small business. They can leak or steal your personal information and sensitive documents, which breaks trust and reliance. Not just that, if your organization thinks shredding is enough, you might be missing the storage woes.  

Going back decades, we have yet to find an innovative move that can change the paper shredding process. More R&D is needed to improve efficiency and drive down costs.  

Paper Shredding Services

Data Destruction Reimagined   

For a minute, imagine we have perfected paper shredding. This reimagined future of paper shredding is not just about security; it is about reimagined trust. In this new world of futuristic advancements, shredding services operate on blockchain technology, providing an unassailable chain of custody. There is little to no chance of theft on a blockchain, making paper shredding even more secure.  

In this new world, sensitive documents are not just pieces of paper but treasure troves of memories. There can be a scenario where people pay a premium for paper shredding services that offer digital preservation of sentimental documents. It is about safeguarding the past while embracing the future.  

Are you concerned about the environment? So are the future paper shredding services. With a commitment to sustainability, they recycle paper particles into eco-friendly products. Remarkably, 89% of clients said they feel better about shredding when they know it contributes to environmental conservation.  

Picture this: you shred a handwritten letter, which resurrects in a virtual world where you can relive those precious memories. Future paper shredding services offer more than physical security; they provide emotional support. There might be a chance for closure and emotional relief through grief counseling and support groups offered by shredding services when parting with sentimental items.  

My Final Thoughts   

So, as we gaze into the reimagined and dynamic future of paper shredding, we need to remember what we will have with us in the future. With less dependence on counting the woes plaguing paper shredding today, we focus on celebrating the evolution of trust, emotions, and memories. 

It is about a journey where security meets sentiment, and the stats do not lie—paper shredding has never been more vital and exhilarating. Embrace this future, where each shredded page tells a story, preserves a memory, and keeps your secrets safe in a modern style. Indulgence on paper must go away someday, so why not start today?  Contact us now

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