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Recycle Technologies has been delivering recycling services to the community since 1993. As a recycling and shredding company based in the Midwest, we operate licensed facilities in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Notably, Recycle Technologies stands as the sole Minority-Owned document destruction and recycling enterprise in the Midwest region.

Document Destruction Services And Its Importance in Today’s World

November 23, 2023
We live in times where privacy is particularly important and considered a vital right for everyone. While...

We live in times where privacy is particularly important and considered a vital right for everyone. While this privacy cannot be 100% achieved, it can somehow be close to perfection.  With Document Destruction Services, you can exoect to leave zero documentary evidence for prying eyes. 

What are Document Destruction Services? 

The process of burning, crushing, or shredding a record, or any action that renders the personal identifying information included in a record illegible and incapable of reconstruction, is referred to as document destruction. 

The long hassle of making sure that your valuable information is not leaked and does not fall into the wrong hands of people is no longer a concern. Through Document Destruction Services you can rest assured that every single document will be completely erased from existence. It will be like it never existed in the first place. 

Why Do You Need To Destroy Such Documents? 

The key reason for using a professional shredding service is to avoid identity theft. You decrease your responsibility and help in securing your customers', workers', and business' critical data. Identity theft is a frequent crime that is expected to cost Americans $56 billion (about $170 per person in the US) in 2020 alone. 

As a result, document destruction services are the only methods for a corporation to be entirely protected. Physical paperwork is the most usually stolen information, and office organizations, particularly law firms, are especially vulnerable due to the abundance of sensitive information available on paper. 

Documents that are left about the office or merely discarded can be readily stolen or duplicated and utilized for criminal or theft purposes. As a result, it is critical for organizations to consistently destroy papers that are no longer required for projects. Of course, an online backup should be made along with an extra backup and, maybe, a backup for the backup hard drive. 

However, if the actual document will no longer be utilized and will not need to be maintained in a secure location, it is advisable to destroy it utilizing professional document destruction services. 

How does Off-Site Document Destruction work? 

Your documents are picked up by the shredding service vendor, who empties your shred cabinets into shred bins, retrieves your filled shred bins, or collects banker boxes of documents. Any size project may be handled by off-site shredding services. They can handle anything from 1,000 to 100,000 papers. 

Because you will not need to see the shredding, you will not need to take any extra time out of your day to do this chore. Because the vehicle does not remain on-site to shred, this might be a less expensive possibility than mobile shredding. While you will not be able to witness the shredding, you will obtain a certificate of destruction to assure that it complies with state and federal regulations. 

How does On-Site Document Destruction work? 

Mobile document destruction, also known as onsite document destruction, occurs when a shredding business takes a shredding truck to your place and gathers and shreds your papers immediately before departing. With on-site destruction, you can be certain that your papers will be reduced to little, torn shards of paper within minutes of your trash being emptied.  

You may observe as your documents are hauled out to the mobile shred device, raised into the chute, thrown into the hopper, and sliced to bits if you choose. On-site shredding removes papers from your shredding cabinet or bin and shreds them before the shredding vehicle leaves your area. The procedure is straightforward. 

Why Choose Recycle Technologies for Your Document Destruction Services? 

We take document shredding very seriously at Recycle Technologies. We are dedicated to delivering secure and cost-effective document shredding services to households and companies throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin. Recycle Technologies is an expert in On-Site Document Destruction Services with thousands of satisfied customers in the states. 

Since 1993, Recycle Technologies has offered recycling services to the community to create a more sustainable environment. To know more about other services that Recycle Technologies offers, click on this link. 

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