When we hear the word recycling, the first thing that comes to mind is paper or plastic recycling. If this is the case, you will be surprised to know that there is electronic waste like TVs, monitors, batteries, cell phones, and many more. Which is called battery recycling.

Can you recycle dead batteries?

Batteries can be found in every appliance in our homes and offices. They are in toys, remotes, electronic equipment, cell phones, and cars. Still, instead of recycling them, these expired batteries are dumped into landfills every year. This number is increasing at a high rate.

There are different kinds of batteries, and they contain hazardous substances like lead, cadmium, zinc, and mercury. Batteries thrown in landfills are prone to come in contact with the environment. This can have dangerous outcomes, as lead can adversely affect the water supply.

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What are the dangers of lithium-ion batteries being put into landfill?

Depending on the manufacturer, lithium-ion batteries contain nickel, lithium, cobalt, manganese, and other chemicals. During its lifespan, it won’t release any pollutants. But when they are not properly recycled, they can harm you and the environment.

What Hazardous chemicals are present in batteries?

Recycling a battery seems crucial as it contains hazardous substances in most parts, which takes more energy than usual. The following are the most dangerous elements it has


Causes diseases like neuropathy, kidney disorders, and harm to the brain


Leads to the deformity of bones and creates extreme environmental contamination.


Harming kidneys and livers and causing cancer.


This may lead to the growth of cancerous cells.


Harms the nervous system along with human skin.

However, battery recycling is considered a simple task to assist in helping the disposal of heavy metals and improving the environment and human life.

Are batteries fully recyclable?

Well, the reusability of a battery entirely depends on its nature. The lead acid battery is considered to be 99% recyclable. The electrolyte part of the battery is reusable, but the liquid at the bottom of the battery contains acid and water. After eliminating the water, the acid is reusable. The recovery of used batteries for recycling always escorts the operational capability of recycled batteries.

Types of batteries that can be recycled

There is a wide range of batteries that can be appropriately recycled. As a specialist in the field of recycling, Recycling Technologies Inc. plays the leading role. Following is the list of batteries that can be recycled, which will lead to improving the environment and proper disposal of hazardous substances.

Lead batteries

Lead batteries have a significant distinction of almost 100% recycling rate in North America and Europe. The recycling process of lead batteries is considered cost-effective, and then the processed lead can be used in new batteries.

Nickel Cadmium batteries

Nickel-cadmium batteries pose a significant and severe environmental risk if they aren’t properly disposed of, so in most states, it is prohibited and illegal to dump them into landfills.

Primary Lithium batteries

The metallic lithium in such batteries is very reactive and comes in contact with moisture. So, such batteries should be disposed of in strict compliance with the disposed-of system and rules of the recyclers.

Lithium-ion batteries

Lithium-ion batteries have become highly prevalent in the market, and the amount of these batteries dumped into landfill has increased dramatically in the last few years,

Alkaline batteries

The alkaline battery is commonly used in home appliances. Most people say that they are harmless to dispose of, but in reality, because of harmful chemicals, it is still prohibited.

Tesla car batteries

Tesla car batteries also follow the recycling process. Recycle Technologies Inc. recycle these kinds of batteries at their recycling centers.

Are the batteries for electric cars recyclable?

With the advancement of technology, everyone is looking for comfort. Regarding comfort, we cannot compromise on our traveling buddy. More and more people are buying electric cars as gas has become expensive. That is why battery recycling for electric vehicles is a must.

Sustainable solutions for Battery recycling: Recycle Technologies Inc.

If you are looking for a safe solution to disposing of your e-waste, you are at the right place. Recycle Technologies Inc. is reliable and provides cost-effective recycling solutions. Our services cover the areas of Minnesota and Wisconsin in the USA. We provide the primary benefits of recycling and shredding your e-waste and confidential documents. The products we properly dispose of are our light bulbs, laptops, mobile phones, batteries, Tesla car batteries, and other e-waste.

The following are the services Recycle Technologies offers

Mail-in Program

Our easy-to-use program is cost-effective and reliable. A most convenient way to treat our customers with comfort and ease. In this program, we will drop you a box, and then you can pull all of your e-waste to recycle. Currently, you can only send batteries and bulbs. To view what items we accept in our program, click here.

E-waste drop-off

We also welcome you to our recycling facility, where you can drop off your e-waste and secure its proper disposal.

Battery recycling locations

As a recycler, Our coverage area is a 100-mile radius. You can view it here. Recycle Technologies is a recycler that provides ample opportunity to eliminate electronic waste as soon as possible. Our team is standing by to give you all the required information or queries. For more than 30 years, we have been providing alternating ways to protect the environment.