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Recycle Technologies has been delivering recycling services to the community since 1993. As a recycling and shredding company based in the Midwest, we operate licensed facilities in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Notably, Recycle Technologies stands as the sole Minority-Owned document destruction and recycling enterprise in the Midwest region.

What Is Battery Recycling, and Can it Contribute Towards a Greener Planet?  

May 18, 2023
When we hear the word recycling, the first thing that comes to mind is paper or plastic recycling. If this...
When we hear the word recycling, the first thing that comes to mind is paper or plastic recycling. If this...
What is Battery Recycling, and Can it contribute towards a Greener Planet?

When we hear the word recycle, the first thing that comes to mind is paper or plastic recycling. If this is the case, you will be surprised to know that there is electronic waste like televisions, monitors, batteries, cell phones and much more that can be recycled too. Recycling this is known as recycling E-waste and mainly comprises recycling old or dead batteries.  

What is a Battery?  

In its simplest form, a battery is an electric cell which creates charge or electricity through a series of chemical reactions that occur within it. The advent of batteries first happened in 1784 by Benjamin Franklin.  

Thereafter, a series of scientists experimented and came up with subsequent varieties of batteries during different eras. The most notable among these were the lead acid battery, dry cell battery and nickel cadmium batteries.  

The working mechanism of all these batteries was the same, however, they were constructed using different metals hence owing to their numerous names.  

What is Battery Recycling?  

The recycling of batteries has been on the rise since the last decade. It is an activity in which old batteries are collected, sorted and passed through different processes to recover active and valuable metals from them.  

The main goal of recycling batteries is to reduce the number of dead batteries being discarded with municipal solid waste. It is positive to note that consumers are showing an increased inclination towards battery recycling and in 2015 alone more than 5.7 million pounds (about 2585474.4 kg) of batteries were efficiently disposed and recycled.  

Hazardous Substances Present in a Battery 

Recycling batteries is crucial because they contain a myriad of toxic substances that can be a hazard to the environment otherwise. The following are the most common poisonous compounds that batteries contain.  


Lead can leach out from batteries and contaminate groundwater resources. If consumed, it is known to cause diseases like neuropathies, kidney disorders and brain damage.  


It is known to cause extreme environmental deterioration when present even in minute quantities. It can also lead to bone deformity if ingested.  


It is another toxic chemical found in most batteries. It can potentially harm the kidneys and liver and even cause cancer.  


It is a carcinogenic compound present in commonly used batteries and has high toxicity to living organisms.  


It is the main component of lithium-ion batteries. It can cause irreversible damage to the nervous system and also cause skin lesions in humans.  

Can You Recycle Dead Batteries?  

Batteries can be found everywhere in our homes and offices. They are present in toys, remotes, electronic equipment, mobile phones and even cars. Still, instead of recycling them, these expired batteries are dumped into landfills every year. This number is increasing at a staggering rate.  

Recycling batteries is an environmentally friendly substitute to discarding them in a landfill instead. Batteries contain several harmful chemicals that can pose a contamination risk to natural resources, like the groundwater and soil, if dumped irresponsibly.  

Types of Batteries That Can Be Recycled 

There is a wide range of batteries that can be appropriately recycled. As a specialist in the field of recycling, Recycling Technologies Inc. plays a leading role. Following is a list of batteries that can be recycled, which will lead to improving the environment by ensuring proper disposal of hazardous substances.  

Lead Batteries 

Lead batteries have a significant distinction of almost 100% recycling rate across North America and Europe. The recycling process of lead batteries is considered cost-effective and contributes towards preservation of mined lead.  

Nickel cadmium Batteries 

Nickel-cadmium batteries pose a significant and severe environmental risk if they aren’t properly disposed of, so in most states, it is prohibited and illegal to dump them into landfills.  

Primary Lithium Batteries 

The metallic lithium in such batteries is very reactive when it comes in with moisture. So, such batteries should be disposed of in strict compliance with the disposal system and recycling regulations.  

Lithium-Ion Batteries 

Lithium-ion batteries have become increasingly prevalent in the market and so has the amount of these batteries being dumped in landfills.  

Recycling these batteries can result in the recovery of valuable metals like lithium, manganese and cobalt and can reduce the environmental impact the mining of these metals has on the environment.  

Alkaline Batteries 

Alkaline batteries are commonly used in home appliances. Most people say that they are harmless to dispose of in landfills, but contrary to popular belief they contain several harmful chemicals and must be kept out of landfills to prevent groundwater contamination.  

Tesla Car Batteries  

Tesla car batteries also follow the recycling process. Recycle Technologies Inc. recycles these batteries at their recycling facilities in the USA.  

Benefits of Battery Recycling 

Fewer Landfills  

With battery recycling, more and more batteries are taken into recycling units and hence a negligible amount ends up in landfills. If done consistently, this can considerably reduce the need for landfills required to dump used batteries.  

Environmental Sustainability 

By responsibly throwing away batteries we can ensure a cleaner and greener environment. This happens when fewer batteries are available for disposal in landfills, which in turn helps to keep the environment clean by preventing contamination of the soil and groundwater resources while also maintaining biodiversity.  

Decreased Global Warming  

Waste that is dumped in landfills is incinerated. This causes the emission of large amounts of toxic gases like carbon, nitrogen and sulfur, to name a few. These gases are absorbed by the atmosphere and contribute to global warming by depleting the ozone layer.  

Lowered Air Pollution  

Perhaps the most lucrative advantage of recycling old batteries is reduced pollution. Mining of metals for manufacturing new batteries produces a great amount dust and smoke pollution which adds to the worsening air quality in urban areas.  

With recycling of batteries, many metals needed to produce new batteries are recovered, hence reducing the need to mine new raw material.  

Preservation of Resources 

The reduced need for mining new metals for manufacturing batteries not only cuts down pollution, but also serves to preserve these finite resources.  

Employment Opportunities  

Finally, recycling plants for batteries provides multiple job opportunities for people from all walks of life.  

Battery recycling is a long process and consists of various steps, including collection from landfills and residential areas to finally delivering the product. At each of these stages a variety of jobs are created for the public.   

One Stop Solution for All Your Battery Recycling Needs: Recycle Technologies Inc.  

If you are looking for a safe solution for disposing of your e-waste, you are at the right place. Recycle technologies is a reliable name and provides cost-effective recycling solutions.  

Our services cover the areas of Minnesota and Wisconsin in the USA. We provide the primary benefits of recycling and shredding your e-waste and confidential documents.  

Other than this, our e-waste recycling extends to disposing of light bulbs, laptops, mobile phones, rechargeable batteries, Tesla car batteries etc.  

Services We Offer  

Mail-in Program 

Our easy to use main-in program is credible and cost-effective. A most convenient way to treat our customers with comfort and ease.  

In this program, we drop you a box in which you can dispose of your e-waste, and we will collect it once it's full.  

E-Waste Drop-off  

We also welcome you to our recycling facility where you can drop off your e-waste and ensure its proper disposal.  

Our Battery Recycling Locations 

At Recycle Technologies we cover an area of upto100-mile radius. Unlike conventional recycling companies, we provide ample opportunity to eliminate waste as soon as possible through our quick and up-to-date services. For more than 30 years, we have been providing alternating ways to protect the environment.  

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Recycle Technologies has been providing services to the community since 1993. We are a Midwest-based recycling and shredding company.
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