Even with the everyday use of digital documentation in the corporate sector, physical documents are still crucial for information storage and retrieval. In the hands of the wrong people, such a paper trail could cause information breaches that have historically created multi-million dollar lawsuits. It is where you need efficient and responsible services.

Recycle Technologies is one Mobile Shredding service provider. We are among the best AAA NAID-certified shredding companies in Minnesota and Wisconsin

In the following blog, we will see what mobile shredding means, how it helps you, and the shocking truth about the shredding practice in the USA.

What is Mobile Shredding?

Mobile shredding is like shredding your phones to bits. This is an on-site service. It is a safe and effective solution for organizations where privacy concerns them. Recycle Technologies has mobile vehicles catering to office and residential shredding. 

One thing that people often ask us is how different they are from a drop-off shred facility. With shredding, it is a little different. You request a quote from our webpage, i.e., from https://www.recycletechnologies.com/mobile-shredding-service/. For safekeeping, we provide our clients with a range of secure containers. A shredding truck arrives at your house or place of business at the agreed-upon time, and our professionals shred the documents right before you. 

Having your documents shredded on-site by a mobile service is a time-saving alternative to sending them to a distant facility. It’s also one of the most secure and safe processes to dispose of sensitive documents and other paper waste.

Amazing Benefits Of Mobile Shredding Services

Do you know some amazing benefits of mobile shredding? We have discussed some of these influential facts of on-site destruction below:

Identity Theft Prevention

One of the most shocking facts about shredding is that identity thieves despise it. It is because shredding is one of the best ways to safeguard people and businesses. Lost or stolen wallets for checkbooks, stolen mail, false changes of address, and information scavenged from trash can all contribute to identity theft and fraud.

While companies generally do not face identity theft, the employees or the public can suffer such lasting damage if they are not careful. 

Information Leak Prevention 

Specifically for offices, mobile shredding offers information leak prevention. With off-site shredding, there is a greater risk of document mismanagement, which can result in information leaks or unauthorized access.

At Recycle Technologies, we provide our secure shredding truck for shredding your documents, giving you an added layer of protection. We destroy your sensitive documents to the point where they can no longer be read. 

Cost Effectiveness 

For starters, you would not need a shredding machine at your office, eliminating all costs related to the purchase. In addition, you will save massively on storage costs. If your space is on rent, you might feel a more significant cost-effective impact of hiring our shredding service.

Data Protection Law Compliance

Did you know that shredding is cost-effective and enforced by law? Several US state and federal laws force employers to safeguard the information of their employees. Shredding services are most commonly applied as law compliance to minimize security breaches. 

Environment Friendly

Support for the environment is another fantastic advantage of shredding. Our trucks have quieter engines and fewer pollutants thanks to the cutting-edge technology we utilize. Also, reliance on minor fuel use means less pollution than standard trucks.

Mobile shredding services generally guarantee that every piece of paper is safely recycled. This process converts your documents into new goods like tissue paper, cardboard, or newspaper. As a result, fewer trees will need to be felled, which helps preserve the environment.

After every shredding operation is completed, a certificate of destruction is issued by Recycle Technologies. All shredded materials are taken somewhere to be recycled.


Mobile shredding is more than a convenient and secure way to destroy your documents. It is also a smart, eco-friendly choice that saves time, money, and information security. 

Recycle Technologies have got you covered if you are looking for a reliable and affordable shredding service near you. We offer personalized services that fit your business needs and budget. 

We also follow the highest standards of security and quality in the industry.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to take advantage of the shocking benefits of shredding! Contact us today and see why mobile shredding is the best option for your organizational privacy.