We have regulations that mandate personal and corporate data security. The primary reason governments and organizations were compelled to make such laws in the first place is because data is equivalent to oil in today’s information-driven world.  

Businesses rely on data more than ever before. The value of information is undeniable in making decisions about their policies, growth goals, and customer service. Businesses can use this data to enhance customer service, streamline operations, and other similar goals.  

While people may understand the need for data handling, many unusual misconceptions exist about ITAD services offered by reputable recyclers such as Recycle Technologies. We aim to be your primary go-to for recycling e-waste and data handling. Not just that, with licensed facilities in Minnesota and Wisconsin, we offer a wide range of recycling services, including battery and lamp recycling 

Let us look at some of the most popular ones and why they all are getting at nothing except guesswork.    

What are the Misconceptions About Certified Data Destruction Services?

Since many IT companies are retaining quite a lot of data now, the question of proper data handling has always been lurking behind the scenes. Data handling has primarily shifted towards these companies as consumers become aware of their rights. This responsibility includes the obligation to data and data destruction storage devices properly.  

Most IT companies offer these services to a third party, which can explain why people produce unusual myths about information destruction in the first place. These are debunked as follows:    

Misconception # 1: Deleting/Formatting isn`t Sufficient    

Unfortunately, out of sight is not out of mind. By hitting Delete on your computer (even Permanently Delete), a hacker can still trace the whereabouts of your information. Formatting a disk or a USB device has similar issues. People must understand that simply deleting a file often changes the retrieval pointer to that file, not the information itself. In simple terms, when files are deleted, they are not permanently removed, but instead, the operating system marks the space as empty. It opens a gap where the data remains recoverable unless it is overwritten.  

Data hackers and other miscreants have advanced software tools that help them recover this information. The misconception usually arises when people mistake data decimation with data erasure. Or physical destruction as well. There is no denying that physically destroying SSDs and HDDs significantly damages the data within. Still, it is possible to reverse-engineer media retrieval. Even a sliver of a broken CD can give access to bits or whole of the information your organization wanted to destroy. The best option for you will be shredding the storage device. A certified recycler like us can help you do just that. 

Misconception # 2: Small Businesses Do Not Need Data Destruction   

Data Security is an important aspect. According to research, more than half of all corporate data breaches in the US involved small businesses. People who state this myth often overlook a simple motive behind cyberattacks. The fact that many small businesses take cybersecurity for granted makes them even more vulnerable to these attacks.  

Most modern data breaches threaten businesses with monetary losses and hurt the business’s reputation. For all anyone can guess, it can be some of the competitive companies trying to bring down the underdog business. Many small to medium-sized businesses have gone bankrupt because of the cyber-ransoming tactics deployed by hacker groups.  

Add consumer trust to the mix, and cybersecurity of any business size automatically bumps up a few points. People tend to work with more secure businesses than those that are not.  

Misconception # 3: Certified ITAD Services Are Expensive   

Certified ITAD services, like the ones provided by Recycle Technologies, are expensive. This part of the myth is factual. However, we need to assess why these services cost more than recycling. Since cybersecurity is crucial for personal and business well-being today, spending a little extra to ensure you stay protected throughout should not be an issue.  

The cost of ITAD services also depends on the amount of IT Assets we get to wipe clean and demolish. That is why we always encourage our clients to wipe the data as much as possible. If you feel like you cannot use a tool for wiping data and need professional help, contact us. We ITAD services on all IT assets. 

Data Destruction

Data Destruction

Misconception # 4: Only Confidential Data Needs Destruction   

Electronic recycling of larger devices such as servers or desktop computers requires proper data segregation before destruction. Organizations often think it just means confidential files. However, data handling is recommended for digital and physical storage. Yes, we mean a little storage room at the back of every office with piles of employee personnel records, financial statements, contracts, leases, etc.

Like digital data hoarding, physical data is also prone to theft and leaks. Its physicality remains the same basic premise. Even for many server hosting rooms, experts say the same thing: information piled up in any form in a single physical location will always be ground zero for miscreants.  

Another misconception related to data distraction is that data destruction is a one-and-done process. We must understand that data accumulates continuously, and what was once non-sensitive data may become critical later. A regular schedule ensures that sensitive information is continually protected and eliminated.  

Misconception # 5: Data Handling Can Complicate Client Compliance Agreements   

When choosing an e-waste recycling company, knowing how they will work with you and what exactly the company can guarantee you as a client is essential. It seems like a precaution on the company’s part, but legal procedures dictate a similar process, which makes things easy to solve in case of a conflict.  

At Recycle Technologies, a formal agreement is present between us and the customers. This agreement clearly lists the amount of IT assets that need to be destroyed and which ones require data sanitization. 

The whole idea is that from start to finish, our process is secure. If the customers desire that they want to experience the destruction of their IT assets. We can accommodate them by livestreaming the device destruction.  

Recycle Technologies Offers Data Destruction That Works  

Recycle Technologies offers certified data destruction services to safeguard personal and confidential data. We accept company and organizational data handling requests and personal items needing erasure.  

We stress that you know that data handling is a sensitive matter.  

It helps if you do not try to attempt to break apart electronic waste without talking to a professional team beforehand. At Recycle Technologies, we ensure that our professionals adopt secure information-handling methods that meet globally recognized data protection standards to achieve their goals.  

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