Batteries are a routine part of our lives. But once they completed their usefulness, they either end up in the trash or a landfill. Your best option would be to recycle them instead of throwing them in the trash. They contain toxic chemicals. These can be harmful if not properly handled. By throwing it in the trash, you risk exposure. They can contaminate water sources and damage the environment. Why takes the risk? By recycling you help lessen the risk. That is not all you do. In time mother nature will pay you kindly for your commitment to the cause.

Why battery recycling has become more important?

Regardless of their type, almost all batteries contain toxic chemicals. Thrown batteries can overheat or even cause a fire. That is why it is a state and a federal offense to throw batteries in the trash. You will not incur a fine, but you may end up in the slammer as well. Battery recycling is now more significant than you can imagine. The innovation in the battery market has led to growing concern what are we going to do with the excess amount of batteries? That is a dilemma that no one talks about. We spend more than we recycle. We can always blame our local recycling programs, but the blame lies with us instead. 

Battery Recycling will become financially sound in the near future

For recycling to function, you need to make the effort to do the deed. No one is going to serve you in the comfort of your home unless you have opted for a mail-in program. Battery Recycling will become the talk of the town in the coming year. Recent studies suggest that this will be a booming market. With over USD 54.3 billion industry.

That’s great news. But what are we going to do with old batteries? We can’t throw them in the trash. Nor can we throw them in the sea. Battery Recycling. This is our only way forward. Some of you may not like it and some may cherish it. But this is the only way we are going to make a difference. This is the only way we can reduce carbon emissions and lower our environmental footprint.

Why battery recycling has so much focus?

Keep in mind battery recycling has federal funding which means the government recently awarded more than 20 companies with USD 2.8 billion to manufacture locally created batteries and recycling was a major benefactor of this award.

A Recycling Facility like Recycle Technologies has been making headway with its battery recycling initiatives. Their mail-in program is one of a kind. It provides residents across the continental United States to recycle their batteries in the comfort of their homes. What does this mean for you? Is that you need to put your AA and AAA batteries? Tape their ends. Place them in a cardboard box. Contact us.

We will send shipping tags to you. Place them in your box. And finally, drop the box at the nearest FedEx facility. In mere hours we will receive your spent batteries which we will recycle and make sure your commitment does not go to waste.

Battery Recycling

Is battery recycling paving the way for a sustainable Future?

Battery Recycling is the only way of achieving a sustainable future. The recent efforts by both the federal government and private institutions have done more for battery recycling than in the previous two decades. But we are in this together as there is still much work to be done. Progress is encouraging, but we must prioritize battery recycling if we want to live in a greener world. We are in no way leading the way for battery recycling nor our European counterparts are. If you look at recent reports China is the leader of battery recycling. By recycling 200,000 tons per year. One of their battery makers is currently spending USD 3.3 billion to create a recycling facility to recover battery waste.

Why do we need to dispose of Lead Batteries fast?

As we move towards li-on and EV batteries, lead batteries need to be phased out. And that is where battery recycling comes into play. It is challenging as we speak as batteries are not designed for recycling in mind. They come in a variety of sizes and designs. The cathode composition is common but the glues and binders are a nuisance. That is why they need to be dismantled manually to process.

Battery Recycling does come with countless benefits that you might miss. These are:

  •         Recover resource
  •         Properly Disposal of Toxic Elements
  •         Conservation of Natural Resources
  •         Prevents Pollution
  •         Reduce Greenhouse gas emissions
  •         Sustainable Environment
  •         Create New Jobs
  •         Create New products
  •         Zero Waste is sent to landfills.


Recycle Technologies is a certified R2 recycler that has been making a difference since 1993. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for relying on us for recycling services.

Your commitment to the cause coupled with our desire to make a greener planet is what drives Recycle Technologies to new horizons.  Battery Recycling is the future.  Customers who would like to know how we are paving the way for battery recycling can contact us by using the numbers listed below.