Battery Recycling in Minnesota

We eliminate the liability of your batteries.

Battery Recycling in Minnesota

Batteries are found in everything these days. From being used in a car to running a simple clock, batteries are present in all sorts of devices and gadgets. But what happens to these batteries when they are past their prime? Many environmental problems are created when batteries are not disposed of properly.

When thrown into a landfill without any precautions, cells cause a lot of damage to the surrounding ecosystem. The battery is composed of many harmful components, such as lead and  nickel. Over the last decade, the manufacturing and use of lithium ion batteries has increased approximately ten times! It is an astounding amount. Careless disposal of batteries results in toxic implications for the environment as a whole. It is vital to partner together and take action today.

Toxic Content in Batteries

Batteries are made of many different materials that can cause great harm to the environment. It is vital to remember that even though most batteries are small in size and contain small amounts of harmful content individually, they are produced in bulk and used very often. It means that when they become useless and are disposed of, small batteries become very large in terms of volume and can quickly accumulate to dangerous levels.

There are multiple heavy metals present in batteries including Cadmium, Mercury, Nickel, Lithium, and many more. These metals seep through their packaging over time and damage everything around them. They toxic contents react with the soil and water, contaminating them and making them dangerous for plant, animal or human use.

Check out the video below to get a quick overview of different types of batteries and where you might find them! We use batteries everyday.  So it’s important to know what to do with them when they can no longer be used. 

Preparing Batteries for Recycling

To ease the process of recycling it is best to sort batteries before dropping them off for recycling. Different batteries are handled differently when it comes to storage, transportation and recycling, so sorting  your batteries before dropping them off helps improve accuracy in processing.

Warning: If the terminals of any of your batteries are chalky or powdery, do not touch them directly. They can cause burns or damage to your skin. 

If you are confused about the type of battery, your local recycling can sort them for you. They can also guide you better about its condition and how to handle their disposal.

The best thing to do when preparing batteries for recycling is to carefully put them in separate bags, label them, and then take them to the nearest recycling company. Types of accepted batteries and the cost to recycle them is determined by the respective organizations to which you’re taking them

When processing is complete, we issue your company a Certificate of Recycling that verifies proper disposal.

Battery Types
Battery Types

Lithium Ion

Lithium Primary


Nickel Cadmium (Dry and Wet)

Nickel Metal Hydride (Dry and Wet)

SLA’s (All sizes)

Cell Phone


Battery Backup

Powertool Packs

Minnesota Battery Recycling Services

At Recycle Technologies, we understand that recycling batteries is a bit of a hassle, especially for large organizations. Disposing of a large number of batteries is can be a headache. For this reason, we offer pickup and drop-off services to our commercial clients.

Our clients can rest assured because we accept all kinds of batteries. We have numerous recycling experts on our team who monitor and distinguish between the different types of batteries we recieve. Each battery is sorted into categories to ensure each is recycled securely and responsibly as possible. Standard procedures and protocols set by the State of Minnesota are implemented while recycling any battery.

Do not forget: batteries thrown on the pavements or in the regular garbage are not recycled in any scenario. It is vital to hand them over to an organization for recycling purposes. 

We accept all kinds of batteries, including those found in cars, laptops, mobile phones, and laptops.

Recycling Services We Offer

We offer recycling solutions for a broad range of electronic and computer-related products.

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