Mobile Shredding Services

Shredding in wisconsin, we provide our service here as well.

Identity theft is common and a threat to businesses and individuals throughout the United States. Always ensure that you destroy your confidential documents properly & securely.

Recycle Technologies offer secure mobile shredding services in Minnesota and Wisconsin. We cover 100-mile radius from our facility. Your safety is our top priority. Mobile shredding comes directly to your office or home or your scheduled location to shred your documents with a mobile shred truck.

You can witness the destruction of your confidential documents and we will ensure that your private information will remain private.

For Mobile Shredding services we also provide clients with a range of secured containers to fill their confidential paper work. Our trained staff securely remove your confidential documents from your home or workplace, on a scheduled date. Your documents are transferred to our shredding Vehicle, then immediately with start shredding your documents.

We ensure that your confidential material is shredded to a standard where they cannot be recognized. Clients can enjoy peace of mind with on-site shredding services. Recycle Technologies issue a certificate of destruction after completing each and every shredding service. We transport all shredded material for recycling.

Process of Mobile Shredding Services

Follow these steps to get started with mobile shredding services:

1. Fill out the form or call us at (800) 305-3040 to receive a free quote.

  1. Schedule an appointment to have locking shred bins delivered to your office or home.
  2. Fill your containers with confidential documents and schedule a mobile shred truck to come directly to your location. Your project will be completed onsite, quickly and securely.
  3. We provide certificate of destruction compliance with state rules and regulations upon completion.

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Customers look for reliable companies that ensure to protect their private information. Today security is an integral part of businesses. You can trust Recycle Technologies with any type of sensitive data. Our Mobile Shredding services are convenient, reliable & cost effective.

Call us at (800) 305-3040 or fill out the inquiry form to receive free, no obligation quotes from us today.