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Providing reliable and certified electronics recycling services at individual and business levels


We hoard trash at a faster pace. It becomes a nuisance for us if we do not dispose of it properly. Landing in landfills will result in dire consequences that we are not ready for. To prevent this, your best action is to recycle them as soon as possible. 

Companies and businesses need to recycle because they become an issue. The state isn’t lenient when it comes to the environment. They can impose heavy fines if you do not dispose of your trash properly. To avoid this, you can rely on RT Inc for recycling needs. We provide pickup services for your items. You can use this form.

We can assure you that we are perfect data destructors. Our recycling centers are fully certified by both EPA and NAID. We have been doing this for more than 30 years. We have been doing this since VHS was still in the market. So, we know a thing or two about how to recycle. Here are all the locations we provide services for:

Hugo                                         Pine Springs

Afton                                        Marine on Saint Croix

Stillwater                               Grant

Bayport                                   Saint Paul Park

Cottage Grove                    Landfall

Scandia                                    Lakeland

Mahtomedi                          Oak Park Heights

Newport                                Dellwood

Recycling has become a passion for us. The rise in global warming and the sudden change of climate are several reasons why we should do more. We hoard more electronics, and our electronic waste is off the scale. This may lead to an environmental catastrophe that we won’t be able to reverse. We still have a chance to make a difference. For a free quote, use this form. Pickups are exclusive for businesses only.

Electronics We Accept




Disk Drive






Air Conditioners

HVAC Equipments

Power Supplies

Pioneers of Electronic Recycling

We have been recycling electronics since 1993. For more than three decades we provide safe and secure services.

Recycling Options

You can Visit our facilities if you are near\, opt for our mail-in program, or request a pickup for a charge. Please contact our Customer Support Team for guidance on the above-mentioned solutions.

Why Choose Us?


We are available 24/7, 5 days a week. We have two facilities in New Berlin and Blaine. Our specialists dispose of electronic goods in an efficient manner.

Fully Certified

We are AAA NAID Recycler and are fully registered in both Wisconsin and Minnesota States. We provide recycling service in a coverage area of 100 miles.

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What our Satisfied Customers Have to Say

Joel Rowland
Joel Rowland
Great place to recycle electronics
Tania Cartagena
Tania Cartagena
Thank you for taking care of this beautiful world.
It Mart
It Mart
Very much impressed with the quality of service i get. I always use them for recycling my electronics, and they never stop to amuse me. They have my 100% trust and i would always use them in the future and would recommend to everybody as they know how to recycle the right way.
Tashi Johns
Tashi Johns
Very nice staff, easy drop off, and super reasonable fees for recycling appliances and such!
Greg Lund
Greg Lund
Recycle Technologies are my "go to" for all of my electronics recycling needs. I love that I don't have to worry or stress anymore about having a closet full of random electronics, accessories, and hazardous items that I can't throw away in the normal trash. Their staff is friendly and helpful, and with convenient drop off, the services they provide are a no brainer. Recycle Technologies - cleaning up the world one light bulb, power cord, battery, and circuit board at a time.👍👍
Joey Keith
Joey Keith
We couldn’t be more pleased with the level of service provided by Recycle Technologies. Our electronics are picked up within in a day or two of calling, the drivers are always friendly, professional (and again, fast) and the price is fair and affordable. Even with larger, one-off items, Recycle Technologies always comes through. They regularly help us remove and recycle items safely in the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly manner.
Managers are hard to work with here, the operations manager is prepared to fire you with in a moments notice for calling out due to sickness even after providing a doctors note. Would put 0 stars if possible

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