Change is inevitable. Whether we like it or not. We can adapt to it. Or perish with the rest. Innovation spreads like wildfire. It makes our lives easier. But at the same time, it complicates everything else. The Compact Disc revolutionized the digital medium but made VHS extinct.  The same goes for Modern LED TVs that made Box TVs obsolete. 

Our Biggest Mistake

The best you could do was throw them in the trash which was your biggest mistake. They became a bigger nuisance when they came to a landfill. Because that is what happens when you throw electronics in the trash. Garbage collectors don’t recycle, we do.

Why Choose Recycle Technologies for Lithium Battery Recycling in Wisconsin?

We have the facilities to dismantle and properly dispose of these hazardous objects. That is the same case for Lithium batteries. These are the new normal. But if we are not careful with recycling them. Eventually, they will overwhelm us.  These kinds of batteries are highly flammable when they encounter water.

So, throwing them in landfills is like handing a live hand grenade to the next person. That’s how bad the odds are. The way we are consuming lithium for creating batteries is mind-blowing. Our recycling process is two steps backward whereas our consumption is 10 steps ahead. This is not good for the environment or us.

What Constitutes the Construction of Lithium batteries?

The main components for the construction of lithium batteries are lithium, nickel, and cobalt. These are rare metals and mining them will make them scarce. Mining natural resources is something we have been doing for a long time with the assumption that they are infinite. But that all changed when we realized that is not the case. Soon, like the wooly mammoth, they will become extinct.

To prevent that from happening our only solution is to recycle as many lithium batteries as we can get our hands on. We can reclaim resources. These might not be enough. But something is better than nothing.

Everything takes its time. 

But we will get there.

Right now, only for us, no one properly recycles lithium batteries.

Recycle Technologies is your go-to place in Minnesota and Wisconsin when it comes to lithium battery recycling. We will gladly take lithium batteries from your hands. Spent ones.

Is Lithium Battery Recycling Easy To Do?

Battery recycling may seem easy, but that is not the case. Disassembling a lithium battery is not as easy as it sounds. It generates dust that is toxic. This hazard contains trace elements of arsenic, chromium, and lead that are harmful to your respiratory organs.

At the same time, they can contaminate the soil such as a landfill. So proper safety must be in place to handle these kinds of batteries. This is something you can rely upon with Recycle Technologies. We are able and willing to handle this waste stream. And can process large amounts of lithium batteries.

Lithium Battery Recycling

Why is Lithium Battery Recycling in Wisconsin Important?

Lithium Battery recycling is a worthy venture. Our battery waste handling never prevents toxic battery materials from entering landfills. Something common with local trash collection services. With us, you can recycle with ease. Keep in mind improper disposal of lithium batteries can trigger fires and explosions. These are tough cookies to swallow.

Increasing the supply of recycled materials can help us stop our reliance on natural resources. To maintain a stable supply of resources for future construction of batteries it is best to include recycled materials. This will help you as the cost of batteries will decrease as our reliance on local resources increases.

If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them

Making recycling batteries a common goal is to encourage manufacturers to think about recycling from the start. This way they can create products that are simple to dismantle. The main problem is that you require specialists to deal with this issue. By making product designs that contain recyclable materials we can expect to decrease the costs to make these products. This will do wonders for recycling as these items will be taken care of at a faster pace. Battery recycling will help contain this crisis in ways you can’t imagine.


In a linear economy, all lithium batteries eventually land in landfills whereas in a circular economy, they go back to the start. Recycle companies like Recycle Technologies can help you achieve that.  Of course, it will cost you. But in this instance, you will not be mining natural resources. So, the cost will be bearable. For battery recycling to function, you need to do your part. Recycle with us today, tomorrow, and in the future.

Recycle Technologies is a name you can trust.