Electronics Recycling in Wisconsin

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Electronics Recycling to Feel Good About

Electronics are increasing throughout the world day by day. This means that the number of electronics no longer functioning and becoming garbage is also growing. Landfills are filling rapidly with e-waste. As per dosomething.org, all toxic waste collected throughout the United States consists of 70% useless electronic devices.  This fact alone should highlight the seriousness of the situation. Action needs to be taken immediately.

In many scenarios, electronic devices are disposed of because people upgrade to newer ones and not necessarily because the old ones have stopped working. Devices that are simply out-of-date are reusable and can help people who need them.

The concept of E-Waste Recycling is becoming popular. With the amount of materials such as fuel, water, and chemicals consumed every day to manufacture electronic devices, it is best to recycle old gadgets and create new ones from them.

Benefits of Recycling Electronic Gadgets

  • There are numerous benefits associated with E-Waste Recycling. For starters, there are a number of different materials used to manufacture even the smallest electronic device. For example, a small bulb is comprised of a glass casing and some metals to produce light and to hold the circuits together. These metals and glass are recyclable and easily used in other electronic products after being recycled.
  • Some devices require a little tuning before they are operational once again. Old devices are collected and then sold in refurbishment stores. As responsible citizens, everyone should look for ways to repurpose their old electronic gadgets at the nearest donation or recycling center so they can be available to those in need at an affordable price.

Preparing Electronic Devices for Recycling

E-Waste recycling is a straightforward task. But it is best to plan out the whole process because some of the electronic gadgets such as computers or laptops may have sensitive data in them. In those scenarios, it is best to preplan how you want to secure the data beforehand. Apart from that you must decide whether you can drop the devices off at a recycling center or if you want to have them picked up. It is advised to separate all the items and put them in boxes or bags so that the whole process can be executed easily.

Always remember if your gadget works fine then it is best to donate it somewhere instead of recycling. On the other hand, if your gadget is nonfunctional or broken, it must be recycled!

Electronics Recycling Events

Everyday is Earth Day

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Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

To facilitate proper recycling, the Department of Natural resources accepts all kinds of electronic waste from Wisconsin residents. They provide licensing and certification to private recycling organizations. On their website, you can easily find a directory of recycling centers to guide individuals towards the nearest location which offers electronics recycling in Wisconsin.

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Always remember, when in doubt about recycling an electronic gadget, it is best to consult a recycling specialist to keep things on the safe side!

2nd electronics
Accepted Lamps

Fluorescent Lamps

Plastic Coated and Shielded Tubes
Compact Fluorescent (CFL’s)
Green Tipped Bulbs
U-Bend or U-Shaped

Other Lamps

Ultra Violet (UV) Lamps
Neon, Argon and other Cold Cathode
High Intensity Discharge (HID) Lamps
Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium
Flood Lamps

Services Of Electronics Recycling in Wisconsin

Recycle Technologies is the best outlet in the state for dropping off out-of-date and end-of-life electronics. With our extensive experience in electronics recycling, consider us when it comes to recycling your electronics. We have a defined set of standards which comply with all state and federal rules and regulations.

Recycle Technologies provides a safe, secure, and desirable end to your out-of-date or end-of-life electronics. Our efficient team can guide you to either destroy or resell (after a few fixes) the electronic device in question depending on its condition. Contact us below to find the best solution for your electronic waste in just a few minutes!

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