It is not easy to let go. Some items are hard to dispose of. Great memories are attached to them. But if we do not part ways with them, they will cause harm to us. An old Kodak camera creates amazing memories. It is lying in some drawer. Of course, it reminds you of simpler times, but we must dispose them off. Two reasons come to mind. 

One of the components in the construction of the product has now become hazardous. And secondly, they are taking up space in your home. The former becomes a hazard for our health whereas the latter is a nuisance. 

We Need To Get Rid Of Them Fast.

Disposing of them in local trash will be a crime of a lifetime. Throwing any items that are hazardous in local trash can lead to grave consequences. These include jail time and fines. Recycle technologies can help you recycle all large junk items. By making sure that these items never harm anyone. Our zero pledge ensures that all items are disposed onsite and never enter any landfills. We stand by our commitments. 

Planning On How To Get Rid of Your Large Junk Items? 

Before clearing your large item, you need to plan how you will succeed. You need to assess the current situation. As transportation is key. Business and government organizations can contact us if they have multiple items of the same brand. We can provide you with logistics for our recycling center. This is a great incentive for small to medium businesses looking for a way to cut costs. 

Other than that, residents of Minnesota and Wisconsin can use our drop-off facility. Transporting your heavy items might be a hassle for you. But you need to remove them. Items that stop being useful become useless. It would be wise to review your local regulations and guidelines. Local recycler is a suitable place to recycle your bulk items. Heavy items can be of value to someone else. 

As they contain materials that can be reclaimed. Recycling your bulk items to a certified recycler can be beneficial to the environment. 

Large Junk Items

Why Recycling Is A Fantastic Way To Take Care Of Large Junk Items? 

Recycling is an activity that helps us dispose of large junk items which are the cause of e-waste. Here are some everyday items that we recycle at our recycling facility: 


E-waste is one of the toxic waste streams. It further enhances carbon footprint and reduces recycling efforts. It is adamant for you to recycle old electronics, so we can lessen the amount of e-waste in our landfills. Our Mail-in Recycling Services can help you do just that. 


Light fixtures containing mercury in them are a hazard. So, disposing them in local trash can have dire consequences. Our recycling kits can help you dispose of them in a secure manner. Click here to learn more. 


Batteries are great products as they fuel our devices. Spent batteries must be discarded as they leak chemicals present in them. We offer recycling kits for a variety of batteries. Our Mail in Recycling service has all the information you require when recycling batteries. 


For refrigerators, washing machines and microwaves, a drop-off facility is the only option. They contain a slew of vital components that can help create new products. Seeing them in the garbage dump brought a tear to my eye. It shows we are only great in our minds. 

Haulers can haul Large Junk items 

Professional hauling services can also help you dispose of your large junk items. You can use them to deliver your waste to our facility. While this option will be costlier, it is the only way to dispose of such large junk items. It would be best if you make sure they secure those items, so they are good for transport. Always ask for help if you are trying to tackle heavy items. Handling them yourself may lead to injuries. 

Like us adopt the reduce, reuse, and recycle mindset if you want to make a difference.