Ijaz Haidar | Owner 

Ijaz Haidar is the owner and CEO of Recycle Technologies, Inc.  

Ijaz is a native Pakistani, born and raised there before moving to England to attend the University of Sussex where he graduated with a Bachelor’s of Business and Information Technology. After graduation, he returned to Pakistan to take over the role of Business Developer for SJ Computers, Dubai.  There, in a short time, he helped corner the computer refurbishment and resale market in the Middle East. Eventually, his extensive business opportunities brought him to the United States. He immediately found success in multiple areas of the  electronics industry, through buying, selling and recycling. 

Ijaz currently owns over a half dozen technology related businesses and he is passionate about improving the way consumers purchase, use and recycle their electronics.  Recycle Technologies, Inc. is an integral part of improving the way electronics are utilized throughout their life cycle. Ijaz’s goal is to help expand Recycle Technologies, Inc. and it’s impact on the Reuse and Recycle portions of the Reduce – Reuse – Recycle mantra.  

Ijaz lives in Burnsville, MN with wife and three children. 

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Minority Owned Business
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