Mail In Program

This program is designed especially for you, our small or nationwide generators,
to be easier on your wallet and easier on the environment.

Our simplest recycling program – convenience meet affordability. You get all the same benefits as if we came to your door and picked the bulbs up in person.

4’ Box holds up to 104 bulbs $69.99
10 pack – 10 ~ 4’ Boxes holds up to 104 bulbs $599.99
8’ Box holds up to 45 bulbs $109.99

Includes shipping to you and return pre-paid shipping to us.
Our program also includes recycling fees and certificate of recycling.

Removing potentially hazardous environmental liability is important to us and we know it’s important to you. We certify that our recycling is done right each and every time.

Recycle Technologies
box outline filled

4′ Box


Holds up to 104 bulbs

box outline filled

8′ Box


Holds up to 45 – 8 ft bulbs

box outline filled

10 Pack of 4′ Boxes


Each box holds up to 104 bulbs


1. Purchase your Mail-In Boxes
Call 763-559-5130 or order below today.

2. Accumulate your spent bulbs in your prepaid box.
Secure box with 2″–3″ packaging tape.

3. Attach your prepaid FedEx label
And drop your box at any FedEx location.

What happens to the lamps?

Mercury contaminated phosphorus powder + filters are shipped to a distillation (retort) facility.
Contaminated products are recycled, liability is eliminated and products are put back to use in industry!
Glass is put to further use in industrial products.
Aluminum end caps are collected and sent to an aluminum salvage partner. When materials are put back into manufacturing, we support environmental stewardship by reducing the amount of virgin resources mined each year.